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Overview:   Groups Plus has conducted a large variety of educational and training seminars for business, academic and trade associations.   The topics covered are tailored to the needs of the client organization, as is the length of the seminar.   

Typical Seminar Content:  The following will identify some of the typical topic areas that are covered by our seminars:

  • Introduction to marketing research
  • Focus group moderating techniques
  • Getting the most out of video conferencing focus groups
  • Why focus groups work....the keys to success
  • The use and abuse of focus group research
  • Marketing research for small business
  • Qualitative Research - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  • Building a succesful consulting practice
  • Internet Focus Groups -- An Oxymoron; Here's Why
  • The use of marketing research in new product development

Credentials:  Tom Greenbaum, the seminar leader, has extensive experience conducting informational and training sessions.  He is currently an adjunct in Marketing Research at NYU Graduate School of Business (Stern),and has previously taught at American University and Sacred Heart University.   In addition he has taught mini-courses and guest lectured at the Samuel Johnson School of Business at Cornell, Harvard University, UCONN and at a large number of marketing and marketing research industry conferences.

Mr. Greenbaum has written four books and scores of articles about focus group research and is generally recognized to be one of the leading authorities in the field.

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